Services and jobs

Strategic Sourcing

Redefinition of Procurement Strategies & Improvement Plans:

  • Change and Re-organization Management. Supplier Categorization
  • Vendor Management: Suppliers Assessment & Development. SLA review and redefinition, Dashboard creation.

Sourcing Management

RFI / RFP Management and Negotiation:

  • From Specifications build to Contract signature.
    • Technology expertise: Services, Software, Hardware, Network, ERP.
  • Innovation Meetings

    External Relationships:

  • Organization of Innovation Days with main Technology Vendors.
  • Partnership's preparation with external parties.
  • Research of IT Suppliers (including Start-Up) on a saturated market.

  • Cost Optimization

    Competitiveness Improvement:

  • Redefinition of needs & Redesign to bring your company everlasting cost reduction.
  • Our Clients & their Stories

    Moët Hennessy
    Moët Hennessy

    Building a new IT Procurement Strategy for non-purchasing population.
    Creating Vendor Partnership and starting Innovation initiatives

    Helping with their Digital Transformation


    Contract Negotiation for Software needs: Microsoft Advise on Software Audit

    Request for Quotation on Unified Communications

    Move to Cloud

    Renegotiation of major IT Contracts, as Network and Hosting

    Procurement Process review
    Supplier categorization


    Vendor Strategy for IT Finance Department

    Hardware acquisition model renegotiation

    IT Procurement Strategy

    Vendor Categorization

    Operational Support